Manifesto for the Production of Consumer Waste

Consumer Waste is a low-impact imprint for the publication of contemporary experimental music. Jointly run by Stephen Cornford and Samuel Rodgers, it aims to document and disseminate their collaborative work as well as that of their peers and contemporaries.

In an era when cultural material is most often received through digital means, the publication of physical documents has become for many musicians simply an expedient means to put their work in the hands of the pirates. We welcome this state of affairs and will restrict our releases to editions of one or two hundred, safe in the knowledge that should the work appeal to a wider audience, it will be downloaded by them. As such the discs will carry no official copyright.

We tacitly accept that cultural production, where it simply provides yet another avenue of our consumer driven society is a morally questionable activity and have no wish to support such a system. For these reasons, the label is to be run on a strictly not-for-profit basis, with all proceeds going either direct to the artist or funding the activities of the label by providing opportunities for artists to collaborate, perform, record and publish their work. The label's name derives from the 100% post-consumer waste materials that we endeavour to use in our handmade packaging.

Supported by the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University.

Distributors include: Winds Measure and Erstwhile Records (US), Art Into Life and Improvised Music from Japan (JP), Metamkine (FR), Rumpsti Pumsti (DE) and Infinite Limits (UK).